Mithun is an international development specialist and author of several publications on socio economic development. Mithun is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of on line education, underserved peoples, scholarship and educational excellence.

Starting an Online Business

The first step towards setting up an online business is to think of a viable business idea that caters to a market need. Your potential audience can be broad or niche but there must be a specific need that your business should target to fulfill. However, somewhere between an idea in your head and actually […]


Mastering the In Store Experience

Not only does digital drive people to stores and help them once they’re there — phone in hand, looking up a review, recalling an Instagram post they favourited or a product they bookmarked — there is much brick-and-mortar inspiration that can be taken from the online space. Liebmann likens Sephora’s “best-of” micro-curations — an end-cap touting […]


Holiday Shopping Strategies

Heading out and buying gifts without establishing some values around gifting can set you up for financial remorse. Do you only buy locally? Does it have to be a gift that gives back? Made from recycled material? Whatever it is, identifying your criteria gives you a filter and focus as you explore all the offers being marketed […]